Tips and Tricks

In general, we would like to suggest to you the application of DOMINO products from the most liquid to the richest with a tensor effect. In the meanwhile, from the richest to the most liquid is to obtain a HIGH HYDRATION and EMOLLIENT effect.
We also remind you that for the quality of the information into our WATER formula it would always be good to follow the direction to apply it from bottom to top and from the center to the outside during the application and to obtain a better anti-gravity effect.

Rich Smoothing and Moisturizing Cream

It has such a soft texture. It can be mixed with your own foundation and without the nuance weakening, while maintaining a high hydration factor.

Dynamized Water for face

It can be applied under or over the make-up layer to obtain an illuminating and more persistent effect of the make-up. It is useful and practical after any sports. Also recommended for male skin with beard because is also for an excellent anti-aging effect, it makes the beard easier to comb and the nebulizing spray is able to penetrate the underlying skin (among its mild antifungal and antibiotic ingredients).

Graceful Power (Micellar Water)

By applying a few drops of product thru a cotton pad on the eyes to have a decongestant, soothing and treating effect on dark circles (5-10 minutes of application on a small pad while lying down). Keep in the refrigerator in the hottest season to have an even more refreshing and tonic effect.

Super Intensive Hydratation Serum

Due to the heavier and richer molecular structure, we recommend tapping it for complete absorption.

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Domino is dynamic, intuitive, personalized. The cosmetic line in which products interact with each other and become the right treatment at the right time.

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