The Revolution of
your Beauty Routine
with only 4 products




All Domino products created to be mixable. Discover the various combinations

“The coral has the
beauty of a rose,
is clear as a crystal
and heat as the fire is”
Vittorio G. Rossi, 1973

Sango Coral

The Sango Coral is contained in all
Domino Products. It is a precious
element that grows only in the
Japanese islands of Okinawa.
It gives a great amount of minerals
to the dermis, and has the peculiar
power to normalize ph and maximize
the effects of all other active ingredients
with a perfect synergistic action.

“Water. It lives, speaks
to us and gives life.
Because we are made of
Water, Love and Dreams”

Dynamized Water

Scientific studies of the last decades
have discovered that water is a living
element, able to hold back and send
Thanks to advanced technology, the
Dynamic Water present in all
Domino Line products contains in
its memory genetic codes that affect
turgor, hydration, brightness and
smoothness of the skin.

4 products to revolutionize
Your Beauty Routine 360 degrees
365 days a year


Domino is dynamic, intuitive, personalized. The cosmetic line in which products interact with each other and become the right treatment at the right time. Without additives, dyes and parabens. Nickel tested <1ppm.


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Maria Miglioli, founder of the Brand Marygrace Skincare, has long been a scholar of Oriental medicine and philosophy. The concept of a cosmetic line like Domino was inspired by the Taoist philosophy.

Domino has a constant focus on the balance between the parties. In order to arrive to the simplicity of only four products, who can change and interact with each other was a brave gesture of in-depth studies. Thanks to the support of a medical team and the use of innovative technology to inform Water, Marygrace Skincare has realized the project of creating universal and changing products. Fit to anyone at any time.